Recent Projects

The homeowner had a large area in from of his house that had become a maintenance nightmare. The area had been mulched before but weeds were out of control and hauling in loads of mulch was costly and ineffective.

Pacetti consulted with the owners and discussed several options. It was decided to remove all the mulch, eradicate the weeds and install sod so maintenance was much simpler. A rock border was also installed to bring some pop to the front of the house as well as a sharp and clean look.

After completion the homeowners had a clean and virtually maintenance free front yard without the hassle of weeding and the constant cost of bringing in fresh mulch.

Homeowner Testimonial

We were delighted with the work that Alan at Pacetti Lawwn Care  provided. From the conception stage to final product they assisted us in design choices as well as creating a much lower maintenance yard. We could not have been happier with the work. They were on time, courteous and diligent in giving us the look we wanted. They also now provide all our lawn cutting services and maintenance. I would highly recommend them  for all you landscaping need.

– Kevin Burke, St Augustine